What is Clubhouse and how do we get in?

by Katelyn M. Stewart
January 4th, 2021


Clubhouse is a new app for iPhone users that operates a “drop-in, audio-only” chat. It is currently in its beta phase and therefore is only available by invite only.


   It was founded in March of 2020 by, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, who are both personally staying out of the press. On LinkedIn, they have themselves listed as the owners and founders of, Alpha Exploration Co., which is the parent company of Clubhouse.

   When you open the app (once you’ve received your invitation) you will see rooms with people talking. The idea is that you will be able to jump in and hear loads of different conversations in the most organic sense. Think eavesdropping in a coffee shop, except, you may just be able to join in. The app offers an option to “raise your hand” if you would like to share your input on the current conversation.
    The idea is to take the pressure off the visual concerns that occur with platforms like ZOOM, Facebook Rooms, and Google Meets.
    It is generating a ton of buzz and due to its exclusive nature, Clubhouse has gained over 100,000, 5-Star ratings, even though, most of those people can’t get in.
    In the blog listed on www.joinclubhouse.com, they say that the app is still not ready as they are trying to give it a sturdy foundation with more detailed community guidelines, in-app safety features, and more tools to encourage inclusion.
   For now, the only thing one might do to speed up the process of becoming a user of Clubhouse would be to download their app and set up a username.
   After that, we just must wait to join in the conversation.