Let’s Save Time: Business Card Options in 2020

When it comes time to make your business cards, you may find that there are countless ways to personalize the little reference guides that you are giving to potential clients or future partners. The business card acts as the in-between before the follow-up. A great business card will incorporate your information, the vibe of your business intentions, and even project your essence, thus, allowing your potential client to decide if you are the professional in whom they want to invest their time and money. You must consider several things to make a great business card such as materials, fonts, colors, style, shape, fine details, and finally, content.

In today’s world, the materials that we can turn into business cards far exceed the traditional paper and cotton choices of our parents’ cards. Most office supply stores that print cards offer classic materials, paper with different finishes such as glossy, matte, and pearl, but many upscale printers work with a variety of materials.
Here are some of the possibilities:

Linen -Great for clean and simple designs.
Plastic – Sturdy and great for adding barcodes or USB drives
Silk – High-end appearance. Smooth Matte Finish
Cork – Interesting texture and water resistance
Wood – Thick, vintage appeal
Magnets – Imagine, your information on their fridge
Recycled Materials – Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly
Kraft – Thick. Best with black ink.
And for the carnivores, leather – Yee Haw!

There are many positive possibilities related to each of these different materials. Still, the most important thing about choosing an uncommon material is that the first time someone new touches your card, they are going to realize that you aim high and are willing to put the time and money into something different to stand out from the crowd. Choosing a diverse material to ignite the sense of touch can lead to a sale just because you have decided to go above and beyond. Remember to pick the material that feels the best for you.

Once you have picked your business card material, it’s time to start thinking about what fine details you may be interested in adding. With high tech printing capabilities, you can now add textured design like:

UV or Matte coating
Colored Edges
and even tiny tech systems like USB drives
Or miniature lighting bits

All of these components can make your card flashier and edgier than just putting your information on a traditional business card. Even though all of these exciting details can look incredible, some don’t show up right on certain materials. If you are the kind of person who wants to use UV Coating, don’t use it with metallic ink or with foil stamping. Be sure to ask your designer what combinations work best with others before combining components that will not complement one another. If you are looking to make a lasting impression, consider using some of the above-listed possibilities, but back to basics.

Once you have picked the physical attributes of your business card, it’s time to add the content related to your brand. Having your brand’s components on your marketing materials is as important as it used to be for a business’s name to start with the letter “A,” so they would appear first in the phonebook. Please remember to put ALL the essential information on the card. Don’t make it hard to read your email address, put ways to reach you, and see what you do – phone number, website, address – a business card is the connection to you that gets you business. Make it easy to connect.
Your brand is your business’s identity. Sticking to your identity is crucial for imprinting your business into customers’ minds. Making your brand’s identity apparent can psychologically make you a safe and reliable choice next time the potential client requires your services or products.

This brings me to an essential rule of thumb that I’m only going to bring up once, “Tell us what you want everyone to know about your brand.” If you are a florist, consider adopting floral designs or plant-based materials for your business cards. Say you are an electrician. You might choose designs that convey how skilled, safe, and organized you are, which is what most people hope for when hiring an electrician. You want the business card to reflect the core of your service as well as remind them of who you are.

We hope that this article has opened your mind to the possibilities of creating a personalized and creative business card to represent your business. For more information concerning the design of your card, reach out to LongBar Creative Solutions, and we can brainstorm with you to find the best options that fit your needs.